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before there

were words...


there was DANCE.

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Allyson Weiss

About Allyson


Allyson is a dance and fitness instructor with over 20 years of post-graduate experience. Allyson worked in Los Angeles and New York City for premiere fitness companies like The Sports Club/LA and Equinox where she trained high profile clients from industries including TV and film, journalism, finance, fashion and music. After taking a break to focus on family life, Allyson returned to training in her clients’ homes and at a boutique fitness studio in a NYC suburb. 


Allyson holds a degree in Dance from The University of Maryland, multiple fitness certifications, and several teacher trainings. 

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Welcome to SLS!


SLS is a concept inspired by my love for dance and fitness and my commitment to creating wellness from the inside out. The name stands for SpaceLoveStrength and comes from the varied and deep meanings of those words. 


Space strives for more space in the body to lengthen, elongate and tone, and reminds us to make space in our lives for something nourishing, restorative and healthy. 


Love is for ourselves and each other. 


Strength improves physical and mental strength and achieving things we may not have realized we could. 


I believe that movement without meaning is neither efficient nor effective. The mind/heart/body connection is strong. I have used movement as a way to communicate, to understand myself and others. For me, before there were words…there was dance.


It is important to me to provide an environment that is inclusive, nurturing, and kind, yet energetic, challenging and powerful. I believe in collaboration and that we all have something to learn from each other. Together we can evolve, transform and elevate. 


I’d be honored if you join us.