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Hey! Water You Up To?

Hello! Welcome! Thank you for floating on over to the Space Love Strength (SLS) blog. I am excited to share with you some fun facts about hydration. I hope to inspire you to go with the flow and stay hydrated!

1. Besides the actual water we drink, we also get some of our water from the foods we eat and the other beverages we drink! (tomatoes, celery, melons, soups, milk, juices, etc.)

2. Everyone needs different amounts of water to stay hydrated. It all depends on our perspiration, which is affected by the climate we live in, the kinds of clothing we wear, and our activity levels.

3. Water is essential for the kidneys and other bodily functions. (the digestive system, lubricating joints, the cardiovascular system, mucus and saliva formation, and on and on)

4. When dehydrated, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders, wrinkling, and damage.


I'm constantly learning about the benefits of hydration. However, continually possessing the motivation and inspiration to stay hydrated is a journey with its ups and downs. Making time for hydration within our busy schedules definitely has its struggles. Amid our fast paced world, our bodies deserve all the love and support that water can give! Why not start with a glass half full and make it fun?

Need some motivation to stay hydrated? The Food Network offers some absolutely delicious flavored water recipes! Personally, my go to is lemons and strawberries but I love experimenting.

From fruits, to vegetables, to herb flavors, you can find these mouth-watering recipes here:

I look forward to hearing which recipes everyone tried! Let me know how it goes, or if you have other cool hydration ideas!



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