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The WHY behind... Space Love Strength

Hi! Welcome to the Space Love Strength (SLS) blog. Thank you for being here. I am excited about what this company and blog will become, and feel incredibly lucky for those of you here with me from the start.

I'm continually learning and have been realizing more and more that creating space for self care includes for me too. I want to practice what I preach and be a source of inspiration. I cannot give to you all from an empty cup.

For now, my focus will be on livestream classes at 7am and 9:30am EST and adding some shorter workouts to the on-demand library. I will also be sharing, both here and over social media, the things I do to replenish my energy. In time, I will be looking to expand class types, instructors and points of view.

As always I love feedback and hearing from all of you what is working for you and what improvements would enhance your experience so we can continue to evolve together.



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