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Approachable fitness through movement. 

Make workouts an attainable, consistent part of your life with personalized in person or virtual fitness training. 

Each client also receives access to an on demand library of fitness classes. 

Let's create fitness that works for you, start with a complimentary 30 minute consultation

Head-on shot of Allyson Joy, outdoors with baseball cap on

Hey! I’m Allyson and I’d love to welcome you to Space Love Strength. The commitment we each make to ourselves towards our own physical and mental health is the single most important commitment we can make. It’s the factor that gives us the ability to fully live life. However, making this decision over and over again with consistency is one of the hardest things to actually do.  I know, from experience, that it’s not easy and an ongoing process.  Our bodies change and adapt and each day feels different from the next.  That’s why I like workouts that mix it up. You’ll be challenged but have fun.  You’ll be required to think about how you are moving your body but I’ll always remind you not to take yourself so seriously.  I will continue to stay curious and will ask you to as well, so that we can keep the conversation going about what motivates you and how we can get the most out of our fitness.  There’s nothing more I want than for you to feel good in your body and to participate fully in all parts of your life for years and years to come.

Let's do this!

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