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Challenge your body and awaken your mind in our Virtual Studio​ with livestream exercise and wellness classes, an on-demand library of our diverse offerings, and personalized fitness training.


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At SpaceLoveStrength (SLS), we believe workouts should be mindful, challenging and positive. It is so important to make Space, both for yourself and your body. Strength comes in challenging your body and awakening your mind. And at the center of it all... is LOVE!

When you sign up for SpaceLoveStrength, you're signing up for positive change in your life. It is my honor to usher you through transformation, so you will also receive a *free* PERSONALIZED session with me, Allyson Joy! At SLS we will create the space you need to grow and thrive, together.

join us LIVE or at your convenience!

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With grueling schedules, hectic lives and a constant barrage of responsibility and obligation pulling at us from every direction, it can be difficult – implausible, even – to commit to our health. At SpaceLoveStrength we strive to ensure exercise can be a part of our daily lives in joyful, inclusive ways. 


With 10+ livestream classes a week, and no two the same, along with a fully stacked on-demand class library, the chance to make positive change is within your reach! New workouts are always being added.

LOVE is at the center of SLS

I'm Allyson Joy and I believe in fitness from the inside out. Movement without meaning is neither efficient nor effective. When we put thought into the exercises we do and from where the movement comes, we require our bodies to elevate to the task at hand. Here is where you will surprise yourself with your strength and accomplishments.

Love is at the center of it all and I'd be honored if you join us. Can't wait to meet you and see you in class!



Space Love Strength's heart logo in black

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